Natural stone has been used for cladding to buildings for centuries. It is durable, heard wearing and resistant to the elements. Granite remains popular due to its durability and hardness and such properties make suitable for use in the English climate. Stones will retain their original appearance for numerous years. It is also available in a myriad of colours.

Marble being used externally should have a honed finish as polished marbles would loose their shine in the English climate. Again, the choice of colour is immense. Other materials such as limestone which range in colour from pale ivory to yellow are becoming increasingly popular as their effect gives a “softer” tone to a building.

Stone cladding is available in panel sizes and thickness to suit the location. The only restraint is the physical handling of the finished product. All fixings for cladding are manufactured from stainless steel, their type and use dependent on the stone and the structure of the building., Examples of typical fixings are shown for your reference.

Battersea Reach Foyer
Old Bailey

Granite, marble, limestone and slate are all suitable for use as flooring, the proviso being that the finish supplied is suitable for the application in question. The size of the tile should not exceed 0.6m2. Quantities can be supplied from a small quantity for residential projects to thousands of square metres suitable for contracts such as shopping centres. Natural stone tiles are laid using either and traditional sand and cement bed or thin bed adhesives depending on the thickness of the stone and bed available.

We are also pleased to carryout restoration work to any project involving natural stone. Our experienced operatives have many years of experience using both modern and traditional products and methods to ensure the finished product is as near to the original as possible.

Restoration to floors can be carried out over night to ensure as little disruption as possible and again, modern methods can restore a floor to an almost new appearance and also ensure that the floor can be walked on the following day.

Throughout any process, care and attention to detail is given by our operatives to ensure noise, dust and any disruption to the client is reduced to the absolute minimum.

St Bride's Street