Welcome to Granite & Marble

Granite & Marble Manufacturing Limited was developed in response to the increasing demand for hard surface kitchen worktops in homes using materials such as natural granite or engineered quartz. A sister company to our contacting operation, originally formed in 1987, as business increased it became practical to develop a manufacturing business specifically to cater for the supply of kitchen worktops, vanity tops for bathrooms etc

Our Birmingham based factory employs traditional skilled craftsmen, which, combined with latest technology utilising water fed bridge saws, mechanical edge polishing together with CNC machines to produce high quality, bespoke work tops to enhance any kitchen, be it a complete brand new bespoke kitchen or new worktops to re vitalise an existing kitchen. Customers are most welcome to visit our works to discuss any requirements and look at the available materials. Granite or quartz will last a lifetime so careful consideration of the effect you wish to achieve is paramount