Our Company aims to provide a fully comprehensive service commencing with consultation with the customer to establish their requirements and develop the overall design. This leads to the production of detailed drawings and selection of materials, including testing where required. Coordination of transportation of materials to site to suit programme and finally, on-site installation by our own fully qualified operatives.


Our Design Office is computerised using the latest AutoCAD programmes to produce high-quality specification drawings from site dimensions incorporating all details, Architect’s specification and Engineer’s requirements. The design and procurement of stainless steel support and restraint fixings for both internal and external facade and cladding projects together with calculations are done on a job-specific basis.

Procurement and Quality Control

We source natural materials i.e. marble, granite, limestone, sandstone and slate from an extensive network of quarries and suppliers worldwide. We aim to provide our clients with materials that not only meet their aesthetic requirements but also exceed the recommendations by British Standard.

Visits can be arranged to the quarries if required to view and inspect the exact product to be supplied for your project. Cutting sheets are produced from Approved drawings and sent for production. Throughout the manufacturing process, inspections are carried out to ensure the finished product adheres to the project requirements both in quality of materials and workmanship of labour items.

It is essential that sufficient time is allowed from approval of drawings to the commencement of on-site fixing to ensure the project is completed to programme; this time can vary depending on the type of stone selected.

On Site Installation

All on-site fixing work is coordinated to suit programme requirements. Materials are delivered to site and stones are once again checked against our cutting sheets before installation commences. Our operatives are supervised by full-time contracts managers to ensure a smooth and trouble-free installation.



Granite is a particularly tough material especially suitable for external use. Virtually indestructible, it resists both chemical and atmospheric attack and apart from the occasional clean, requires no other maintenance. Choice of finish is wide. It can be supplied polished, honed, textured, dolly pointed or fine axed according to the required effect.

Marble, Limestone, Slate and Sandstone

Marble, limestone, slate and sandstone also possess properties of great physical strength and durability but since they can be affected by climatic conditions they are more suited to internal use unless external areas are accessible for frequent maintenance. Marble can be supplied polished, honed flame textured and sandblasted and is available in a wide variety of colours and patterns creating interesting and aesthetically pleasing finishing effects.

Limestone is available honed, sandblasted, flame textured and sandblasted, colours ranging from pale ivory to yellow. Hard limestones are increasingly being used on the external elevations of buildings.

Slate is a durable, hardwearing surface that is impervious to sunlight and therefore will not fade, available mainly in greens, black and blues, it can be supplied honed, riven, flamed, sandblasted and water jetted.

Granite, marble, limestone and slate can be cut and shaped to size and thickness according to specification. Non-standard thickness can be supplied for special requirements.

Approximately 50 kilos per square metre for 20 mm thickness.

Modular or cut to special sizes or shapes, granite is the better choice for heavily trafficked areas and is virtually maintenance-free. Marble, limestone and slate perform well but need regular cleaning and maintenance, which can be reduced by initial vitrification. Generally, panel sizes should be kept below 700 x 700 mm. Fixing is either on a sand and cement bed or by hi-tech adhesive to a pre-installed screed.